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    Still Alive

    For the last 333 days, I’ve been hunkered down in Baltimore, USA, after falling into a full-time job by accident. I wasn’t looking for anything permanent, just something temporary to make some money while I was in town last year for my sister’s wedding. “We have an opening at Under Armour for an Interactive Designer, […]

  • Women Travelling Solo REI presentation in Columbia, Maryland, Hosted by Hostelling International

    It’s that time again… Get out of the house and come see me at REI!

    If you were unfortunate enough to miss the last few presentations I’ve made at REI, for the Women Traveling Solo workshop (hosted by Hosteling International)— no worries! There’s another one next week at the REI in Columbia. I’ll be sharing some of my crazier travel stories (like eating caterpillars, being stranded on a mountain, and […]

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    #Adventure4Life — Join the Adventure and Help Cancer Fighters from July 21st – 31st

    Being outdoors and having adventures shaped my life. It always has. When I saw OutdoorMindedMag’s called for adventurers to be part of the #Adventure4Life team, I had to be part of it. The #Adventure4Life team is made up of 25 people, each having planned an epic adventure from July 21st to the 31st and raising $1,000 […]

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    5 Things About Black Bears, and Why You are Likely to Die in August

    As some of you may know, in 8 days I’m embarking on a backpacking trip across North Carolina’s Smoky Mountain Wilderness, participating in the #Adventure4Life initiative by OutdoorMindedMag.com, to raise $25,000 to support cancer survivors and fighters (donate here). I’m packing super light, sleeping in a hammock, and will be hiking into bear territory on […]

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    Guess what!? I’m one of 25 Adventurists…

    On July 21st, I’ll be heading out into North Carolina’s Smoky Mountain Wilderness, as one of 25 adventurists in the #Adventure4Life Challenge. Each adventurist plans their own #Adventure4Life Challenge, and I’ll be backpacking 95 miles across the state, sleeping in a hammock, and it’s going to be awesome (and an good excuse to pick up […]

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Lone Rucksack follows Dani Bradford's work and escapades. Dani Bradford is a designer/ videographer who travels the world in search of adventure and delicious food. She thoroughly enjoys wine, small rodents, and edible plants.

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