Women on the Road

Episode 20: In Which I am Hit by a Truck – Dani Bradford

Dani Bradford, a worldwide solo adventurer and writer, left Washington, D.C. by motorcycle on April 29th 2017. Her plan was to head south through North America, Central America, and South America, ending her trip in Patagonia at Fitz Roy. But an accident she was involved in changed her course in more ways than one.

Sound On! 

Sound On! #6: Dani Bradford aka Lonerucksack

For this interview, David and Jimmy talk with Dani Bradford about her platform Lonerucksack. Dani talks about the inception of her story telling medium, her experiences that lead to taking that first step, and a few of her upcoming adventures!

Made for Masses 

Introducing BOSSES: An Interview with Dani Bradford

For our new Bosses series, we’ll be interviewing business owners, freelancers, and anyone who’s boss of their own life. Dani Bradford is a self-proclaimed ‘dirtbag solo adventurer’ and digital storyteller who has traveled extensively across the globe. Her website, Lone Rucksack documents her travels and adventures around the world — and the challenges that come with it. As a MICA graduate, she has worked with companies like Underarmour, USA Today, and National Geographic, arming her to take the next step and launch her graphic design studio.

Cloud Peeps

Our Most Successful Peep of 2017: Interview with Dani Bradford

Our Peep community is made up of some seriously talented freelancers, indie pros and creatives. That’s a fact. As we continue to be amazed by the quality of this community, in 2017, we did notice one Peep shine a little more brightly, to become the most successful Peep of 2017 – meet Dani Bradford!


Cosmic Geppetto Postcast 

Episode 94 – More Than Mean & Lone Rucksack

It is a Super-Sized episode with: Jarf & Kyle joining Brad to talk about the More Than Mean Project. Heather & Brad talk about seeing Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls in concert. Dani Bradford, who might be the coolest person on the planet, talks about taking a solo motorcycle trip through 18 countries over five months and 18,000 miles. See?! How cool is that?


Cosmic Geppetto Postcast 

Episode 109 – The Return of Dani Bradford from Lone Rucksack

Episode 94 featured an awesome interview with Adventurer Dani Bradford, who was taking a motorcycle trip through South America.  Not long after that conversation, Dani got hit by a truck. Since Dani is tough as nails, she is on the mend and back on the show.


Work Trips And Road Trips

The insightful guide for the curious, the restless, and the adventurous freelancer

As an established freelancer, the world is your oyster. You choose when, where, and who to work with every day. How do you make the most of it? Work Trips and Road Trips is a book for creative solopreneurs who want to wander and wonder at the world. These stories, interviews, and prompts give you many paths to the same destination — a life of adventure and meaning.


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