Best coffee in Medellín (from an Aussie barista perspective)

Know your flat white from your ristretto? Think a good brew is more than just a matter of beans and extraction, but a matter of life and death? Then read on with guest blogger and Aussie (is there a nationality more qualified to rant about your morning cuppa?) Sarah Webb of

Medellín, Colombia might be known for its amicable weather and chill vibes. But this northern city – placed within arm’s reach of the nation’s coffee-production epi-centre – is also home to some seriously world-class cafes to make even the fussiest of coffee aficionados grin into their mug.

1. Hija Mia Coffee Roasters, Poblado
Small but packed full of flavour, Kiwi run (by the uber friendly, welcoming and relaxed Shawn) Hija Mia is meticulously made coffee with flair. This fab team small batch roast their beans (which means fresh as f@ck coffee) and with an impressive menu to match their bean swag, you can get your brew exactly how you like it – including the antipodean favourite “Flat White”. The café is small but charming, the team is lovely (there’s a bit of a douchy bro clientele in the morning), and you can get your foodie fetish fix while you’re there (think tostada with chocolate peanut butter and mascarpone berries). Check out food porn of their decadent tostadas here to read more and find out why you need to favourite this brilliant coffee hotspot.

2. Pergamino Coffee, Poblado
Sprawled out, beautifully decorated and boasting highly trained baristas that serve up the creamiest of lattes, Pergamino is a standout among the Medellin coffee crowd (both for drool-worthy brews and just a great and cheerful staff). Bring your laptop and work from one of the many comfy tables while enjoying everything from pour-over brews to espresso while munching down on a tasty morsel (avo on toast – yes please)! This crew also pride themselves on working on every stage of the coffee process – from farm to cup – and they take their coffee extraction methods seriously (you can even buy a book on it there). Read more at




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The best avocado toast in the city is at @pergaminocafe

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3. Café Revolución – Laureles
Hip as f$ck Café Revolucion is not only perfect for an artfully made brew with fresh beans, but the perfect place to bust out your faded Pink Floyd shirt, your sticker-covered lappie, and work from the comfort of a chilled café in hipster style with a cat on your lap (BYO cat) with a bunch of bearded bros (take that as you will). Some ladies have reported feeling a little uncomfortable (myself included) in this dude-dominated hang so bear that in mind if you don’t like your espresso with a side of testosterone. Bag yourself some fresh single-roasted beans to take home while you’re at it (they’ll be able to tell you with a few metres of where the beans came from). You can also grab breakfast, paninis and baked treats at this small but funky café. Find out more here:

4. Café Velvet Medellin – Poblado
This Belgian style, open-air café strikes the perfect balance between cool and casual, arty and comfy (eve if it can be a little boring). You will occasionally have to wait longer than you’d like for a brew (so if you’re bugging out you’d best head across the road to Pergamino instead) but the coffee’s worth the wait. If you’ve overdosed on coffee or just want to try something different – then their house hot tea (with ginger, lemon and honey) is tasty, refreshing and probs a lot better for you. Like Medellin’s best coffee houses – these guys also pride themselves on single origin specialty coffee and you can bag some freshly roasted beans while you’re there.


5. Urbania Café Viva – Envigado
I’m not usually one for mall coffee – but the quirky Urbania Café located in the sprawling Viva centre in Envigado brews beans like the best of them. Their extraction techniques span the most basic to the most complex (try a single origin chemex brew and you won’t regret it) and best of all there’s a plethora of hip work spaces set up for entrepreneurs through to keyboard warriors looking for a lappie-friendly place to plug-in, sip seriously good coffee and be left in peace. Once coffee time’s over you can get your shopping fix or catch a film. Read more here:

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