Lone Rucksack documents the escapades of Dani Bradford, a dirtbag adventurer and digital storyteller who has traveled extensively across the globe. Dani most recently completed a 4,500 mile+ cycling journey through 15 countries from Portugal to the Republic of Georgia. She has trekked across Northern Ethiopia, swam in Victoria Falls, traveled upriver in rural Albania, shot video in Indonesia, and photographed fishing villages in Senegal.

Dani is also Wilderness First Responder certified, a fire-building expert, and sleeps outside more often than in.


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 Even when going to nice places for breakfast I bring a little dirtbag culture with me. #YoCreoEnCali #sudamerica #PaoSanAntonio  Construction on the Convent of Santo Domingo began in 1578 in #Cartagena #Colombia, and wasn’t finished for 150 years. The light coming in through the windows was beautiful, and I tried to sneakily take photos as the service was going on in the next room. The creepiest and most awesome thing about the Convent is the floor in the next section is made of tombstones, which I discovered after I had already been walking over it for a time.  I loved this hostel in #Latacunga, a city 2 hours south of #Quito nestled in the mountains, close to a popular trekking area around a crater lake. Not only were there tons of great restaurants and cafes, cobblestone streets and squares, there was this great three level hostel with a roof overlooking the city. (I also had the best bed in the 6 bed dorm— perched in a small loft area, I could peer over the edge into the rest of the room like a creepy gargoyle.) #HostelTiana
 I love maps. As an explorer and adventurer, the physicality of planning a route— touching paper and making notes, consulting other sources and atlases, brings me a lot of happiness. In #Cartagena in Old Town, I’ve been plotting my routes around the city and making notes on what I’ve seen or plan to visit. Armed with my trusty old notebook, pencil, and map— I’m ready to hit the streets for some #exploration.  I’m a dirtbag traveler (and pretty much a dirtbag in general) and I don’t mind sleeping in dorm rooms, but every now and then when being on the road gets a little tough, it’s worth it to book a private room, buy a bunch of junk food and cheap wine, take your pants off with all your equipment thrown around the bed like an animal, and watch a feminist TV show for the rest of the day like the awesome solo female traveler you are.  “The journey itself is my home.” -Bashō When exploring #Baños in the morning, I came across this bridge hidden under the bridge of San Francisco, with a perfect view overlooking the raging river below. Although I’m sure many people cross it every day, something about the quiet of early morning sitting on the bridge felt like it had just been discovered.

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